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Dundee – the city of design

A short day trip which became a personal photographic discovery of the year.

I live in Edinburgh and Dundee being only about one hour and a half drive from here was never a real travel destination for me. Recently though I changed my strategy and started visiting nearby locations in addition to my longer trips abroad.

We spent the New Year’s Eve and the following morning in Dundee and to our surprise we discovered that the city offers a lot of excellent photographic opportunities. Especially if you enjoy photographing architecture then this compact city can provide lots of fun for days.

 | f/11 1/125sec ISO-2500 102mm Tay Rail Bridge | f/8 1/250sec ISO-100 105mm  | f/8 1/30sec ISO-160 24mm  | f/8 1/50sec ISO-100 49mm  | f/11 1/50sec ISO-500 41mm  | f/13 1/80sec ISO-2500 68mm  | f/11 1/40sec ISO-2000 36mm  | f/8 1/40sec ISO-400 36mm  | f/8 1/40sec ISO-320 31mm  | f/8 1/30sec ISO-100 24mm